About Us

The unique Merino wool lined wellington boot from Thorn & Field is the culmination of 3 year’s extensive research and wearer focussed development. The key to the boots success is the blend of waterproof boot with its sustainably sourced sheepskin lining from calf to toe.

The original Merino sheepskin lined waterproof boot was designed to meet the demands of the British weather. The unique properties of Merino wool shearling insulate against the cold and breathe freely in the heat. The all-weather boot was first launched in 2010. It was enthusiastically adopted as vital outdoor wear for both town and country.

In 2011 the innovative design of the boot was taken forward by Bowlyn Style Ltd, directed by entrepreneurs Tomas Lynch and Ian Bowers.

A stylish redesign of the boot was launched in December 2013. Now known as the Thorn & Field Boot, this unique design continues the brand’s passion for luxury and style. These superbly warm wellies have most certainly found their place with both city dwellers and country lovers.

For general sales enquiries please email: sales@thornandfield.com or if you would like to contact either Ian Bowers or Tomas Lynch, please email: md@thornandfield.com.